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Special Events

Decade history of brilliant leap

In October 28th, Shanghai PowerMax Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. ten anniversary celebration ceremony held in Wuhan Hetian Le Grand Large Hotel. Chinese sewing association director He Ye, honorary chairman of Tian min Yu, Kai Xiang, standard, Jack, ZOJE, Toyama more than 20 enterprises responsible person and nearly a hundred PowerMax, refined electronic staff attend celebration activities.

Four East tour West

As PowerMax employees, every year have the opportunity to participate in group travel and department activities, a trip to Zhangjiajie for five days, give us a lot of happy time, where the water is green, the mountain is very high, people are beautiful, beautiful couldn't bear to take pictures.

The radium war Alliance

In order to enrich our amateur life, by the integrated management of the Department of Comrade Wu Yuling all organizations to participate in the radium war alliance, personnel were divided into two camps "defense" and "offensive", under the guidance of the instructors, we understand the activity rules.

Exercise Up every day

Our "extracurricular" activities are rich and colorful, badminton, table tennis, football, and long distance running, all the employees to actively participate in, not only exercise the body, and the pull between employees "soul" distance.